During the 1820s, James Sherman of St Mary’s Castle Street “turned my special attention to more ample provision for preaching the gospel in the villages around Reading”.  This included Woodley, Caversham Hill, Theale, Binfield Heath and Wargrave.


Binfield Heath Village

Meetings were held in the Binfield Heath area from 1827.  Some land was bought in 1833 to “provide a place of public worship and burial ground for protestant dissenters”.  The building cost about £300 which was donated by Sarah Adams, a wealthy widow from Reading, and the Chapel was opened on 25 August 1835, under a Countess of Huntingdon Connection.

From its opening, a faithful community has met in the Chapel.

The Chapel in the 1920s

Over the long life of the church our desire to see Christian gospel (good news) at work in the local community has remained strong.  Binfield Heath is a mission field with many to reach for the Lord Jesus.

The Chapel in the 1930s